Improvements to the Polaris 2025 Mountain Range

Improvements to the Polaris 2025 mountain range


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For 2025, Polaris is not offering any new mountain snowmobile models. However, the Minnesota manufacturer has not abandoned this market segment, and is offering a wide range of improvements. Generally speaking, the aim has been to save weight, add reliability and robustness. Crucial elements for off-road snowmobiles

As a result, total weight will be reduced by up to seven pounds on certain models (Boost and 9R). For the other models in the line-up, it’s almost five pounds less! All this, with features that improve handling and solve known problems. Hats off to Polaris, which doesn’t want to take a break and keeps pushing forward year after year. We guess that helps vehicle sales too!


New LED front light

The first feature is the all-new, lighter and stronger LED front light. You get the same light output, but you save almost four pounds. What’s more, this mass is located very high in relation to the center of gravity. This greatly improves handling and reduces driving effort. This improvement is quickly felt when the 2025 models are ridden for a few hours.


New throttle

A new throttle is one of this year’s advances. The result is a more compact unit, exclusive to RMK models. Reduced in size and, above all, improved to prevent snow and ice from getting lodged in the throttle, as in the past. FINALLY! 

Also noteworthy is a rubber-covered cable with a piece to prevent snow from penetrating. The design really limits this disadvantage, which was all too present in the past. It also streamlines the handlebars of mountain snowmobiles, which is always a “must”.


New rail ends

In an effort to reduce the problems that can arise during a day’s off-trail snowmobiling, new rail ends are used. Commonly referred to as “antistab”, these redesigned end caps allow a better transition of the track onto the rails. This reduces the risk of track breakage, while enhancing durability. Polaris also mentioned having reworked the aluminum drive shaft to increase the longevity of this component.

Polaris 2025 mountain range

New ultra-compact seat and running boards 

Last but not least… An all-new, more compact seat that reduces the thickness of the padding, i.e. one inch less to save on weight, and also makes it much easier to move around. As a result, hop-over maneuvers and movements will be much easier. 

Secondly, a new step design to further reduce weight. Above all, we want to keep snow to a minimum. As we all know, it’s all a question of weight and snow evacuation off-piste. It’s fair to say that we’ve come a long way from the large, wide, closed aluminum running boards of twenty years ago.

These last two improvements, however, are reserved for the most opulent models. That is, for RMK models with Boost or 9R engines. Only these versions can benefit from them.


To conclude

No new mountain models have been presented by Polaris for 2025. On the other hand, it’s fair to say that the engineers have done a great job of taking the experience in this segment up a notch. Less weight means less effort and more energy to ride. We’d also like to highlight the improvements made to limit breakage and enhance reliability. Good job Polaris!