2024 Polaris 9R Pro RMK Matryx Slash – Test



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At the SnowShoot, Polaris informed the media that they wanted to restructure and have one absolute number one priority. That of delivering the snowmobiles in time for the season. Let’s hope that the delays seen over the past two years are now a thing of the past. Nevertheless, the Minnesota manufacturer did not want to ignore its strongest segment, the mountain one. Thus, several accessory updates and some new features to take the deep snow experience up a notch. To test these latest advances, we put the Polaris 9R Pro RMK Matryx Slash 2024 to the test. In the 155″ version and especially equipped with the all-new 325 Series 9 track.

325 series 9 caterpillar

For 2024, Polaris continues to innovate in the mountain segment and now offers its 325 Series 9 track. With gigantic three and a quarter inch studs… Yes, you read that right! The longest studs ever offered in the industry. This track is designed for deep snow conditions. Paired with the QuickDrive 2 drive system, the inertia is kept really low for immediate response. The result is near-instant flotation and super-fast forward propulsion. Engineers have achieved an engineering feat by keeping the same weight as a 3″ track. While providing ¼” of extra bite.

Important note: This track will not fit on earlier models. The tunnel of the 2024 models has been modified to allow more clearance now.

Polaris offers several stud heights for its mountain snowmobile tracks. There is the 3.25″ for riders who operate in areas where there is a lot of snow. There are also 2.75″ or 2.6″ crampons depending on the model. The latter two heights are better suited for all types of snow conditions and for optimal maneuverability. It all depends on your needs and where you generally “ride” during the season.



On the side panels, you immediately notice the big “9R” that announces that we have the “big bore” engine. The engine bore has been increased from 840 cc (Patriot 850) to 900 cc (9R). Also, many other modifications have been made to increase performance. These include a 10% lighter flywheel, a crankshaft with 3% less inertia, and even ceramic-coated pistons. We have a very fast engine response since the inertia has been reduced. Without official figures published by Polaris, we can expect a power output in the 185-190 horsepower range. Here you are with a missile ready to send you to the highest summits.


Snow scrapers and other accessories

Another novelty for 2024. Finally, Polaris offers us “ice scratchers” with a spring that allow to go backwards without breaking them. We are now entitled to snow scrapers as efficient as the rest of the Pro RMK. And also, it’s now over the time to take those of the competition (Ski Doo not to name them).


Many accessories have also been updated and new ones are being introduced. The Burandt tunnel bags have been updated with different models. RMK Backcountry handguards that are better integrated with the handlebars and the realities of off-road riding.

Driving Impressions

As soon as you get on the Polaris 9R Pro RMK MATRYX SLASH, you instantly notice the attention paid to ergonomics. Everything is perfectly positioned, maneuvers are easy from left to right. We get stuck into our first turns and the ease of doing a slalom is amazing. Thanks to the SLASH version, we have a very narrow tunnel, well opened and shorter. This has the effect of limiting the drag in the snow and therefore the effort required. With this snowmobile, you get an ergonomic position, a very narrow fairing and an optimal design for the mountain.

Also worth mentioning is the impeccable riding precision of the RMK Pro. That’s thanks to the RMK React suspension geometry. Also, the Walker Evans Velocity shocks are fully adjustable to suit different conditions. So it’s easy to keep your line on the side hill and still be in full control.

Every time you hit the throttle, you’ll notice that there’s no delay in engaging the motion. First with the beautiful 9R mechanics and now in combination with the 3.25″ track and QuickDrive2. Contrary to the preconceived notion of digging a trench with the big lug tracks, the snowmobile is literally pushed into the water. The power transfer is perfect and you’re on the move in a fraction of a second. Once again, the limits of mountain snowmobiling are pushed back.



  • The introduction of the 325 track that offers unmatched performance in deep snow.
  • The 9R engine. A ”big bore” mechanism directly from the manufacturer. Thus, we benefit from the ultimate performance while having peace of mind thanks to a Polaris warranty.
  • Finally, ice scratchers that won’t break if you back up.

Points à améliorer : 

  • More problems with blown spark plugs…
  • The skyrocketing purchase price. The latest technology and high performance are priced above $20,000 before taxes!


Even if the year 2024 is a sign of restructuring at Polaris, the manufacturer has not forgotten its strong niche. So, this year, we have some great new features for the mountain machines. A new track, efficient scrapers (finally) and a redesign of some accessories. It must be said that the 9R Pro RMK MATRYX SLASH already had nothing to envy the competition. Only small updates to take the overall experience up a notch.

If you would like more information on the Polaris 2024 models, visit the website or your dealer.