LYNX Brutal RE 2025 – Test Drive

LYNX Brutal RE 2025


Table des matières

We already knew about the LYNX Brutal in a version with a huge 20″ wide track. This year, the BRP subsidiary introduces an all-new model. Focused more on off-trail use, the LYNX Brutal RE 2025 makes its debut. We’re now entitled to a 16″ wide track, which drastically changes the overall behavior. In addition, we have the 180-hp 900 ACE Turbo R engine as standard. A winning combination for hours of fun on this versatile snowmobile. Whether you’re out in the fresh powder, discovering uncharted territory, or cruising on the trails, the Brutal RE is sure to give you a thrill!


Styling and standard equipment

The LYNX Brutal RE 2025 is based on the PPS2 platform. This is equivalent to the REV Gen5 of its Ski-Doo cousin. The chassis is light, rigid and offers sharp handling. The rider is right in the center of the action, in a comfortable position. Just low enough for comfort on trail sections. Then, it’s easy to stand up with the high handlebars for easy oscillation in fresh snow.


The LYNX Brutal RE 2025 is aggressively styled, with a pointed muzzle and four LED lights. The front bumper is solid and integrated to perfection. Handlebar controls are simple and well-positioned for unobjectionable ergonomics. 

For data display, you can choose between two options. Either a 7.2″ digital display for efficient reading of basic data. Alternatively, you can afford to pay more and opt for the huge 10.25″ touchscreen. The latter includes GPS navigation, Bluetooth connectivity and many other functions thanks to the BRP GO! application.

Turbocharged four-stroke engine

This latest addition to the Brutal family boasts the most powerful version of the manufacturer’s four-stroke engine. The 900 ACE Turbo R shines with turbocharging, boosting horsepower to 180. As an added bonus, you get the reliability of a four-stroke engine and power that remains constant even at altitude. There’s also a switch to modulate power delivery at three levels. There are Eco, Normal and Sport modes. These effectively adjust throttle response and available power.


Trail riding impressions

The sound of the engine is evocative from the very first touch of the throttle. The clutch is optimally calibrated, and you can feel all the power being transmitted instantly to the snow. After just a few minutes on board, it’s clear that you’re in for a real treat. Your wrists are hard at work, and you have to hold on tight to stay in place. The 154″ track and 2.5″ studs give it plenty of bite on trails. Overall handling is good, and comfort is superior when compared to competition equivalents. Although this sled is designed for 30% trail riding, we enjoy riding it on prepared surfaces. 

It’s important to bear in mind, however, that its long track favors off-trail riding. In fact, the track’s bite pushes hard in curves, and you often find yourself understeering. You’ll always need to ease off the throttle in a series of bends. On the other hand, the LYNX Brutal RE puts a smile on your face every time you come out of a curve, with its hyper-muscular acceleration.


Off-road impressions

Despite its relatively high weight, its agility is interesting off-trail, and it performs surprisingly well. Thanks to its long track and BLADE DS+ skis, its flotation on snow is impressive. It’s easy to explore any snowy terrain, as long as it’s not too steep. Bear in mind that it’s not like its sister, the Shredder, either. 

For more open areas or relatively flat terrain, it’s the partner of choice. It’s easy to alternate from left to right. In mountainous terrain, you can even indulge in side hill maneuvers and stay on track with ease. The steering is precise and the pleasure of riding in powder is undeniable. 

During slalom maneuvers, the wide skis are a bit of a restraint. As does its 39″ ski spread. The same goes for highly technical maneuvers between obstacles. The effort required is greater than that of a two-stroke engine, but all in all, it’s a surprising hybrid snowmobile. 


High-performance suspension

One of the highlights of the LYNX Brutal RE 2025 is without doubt its high-caliber suspension. KYB PRO 36 front and KYB PRO 46 rear shock absorbers are used. There’s also a Kashima coating for added durability. The shock absorbers are easily adjustable, thanks in particular to the pawls. So you can adjust preload, rebound and rebound damping. 


The suspension geometry of the PPS²-DS+ rear axle is extremely solid. It makes you want to jump all over the place, and you can feel it coming back for more. At the front, the LFS+ geometry ensures healthy handling and predictable reactions. Feedback from the Brutal RE is intuitive. You always feel in control, no matter what terrain you’re exploring. 



The LYNX Brutal RE 2025 brings a breath of fresh air to this market segment. Its turbocharged four-stroke engine delivers 180 horsepower. Paired with a long 154″ track and 2.5″ studs. It’s safe to say that performance is the name of the game. And what’s more, it’s capable of tackling all types of terrain!