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The Ski-Doo MXZx 600RS E-TEC is incorporating REV Gen5 DNA for 2024 and bringing additional improvements to cement its place on top of the podium. While the MXZx 600 RS has been the class of the field, resting on laurels isn’t how the BRP Race Team operates, and this year’s snocross racing snowmobile clearly demonstrates that – as did the previously announced MXZ X-RS with Competition Package and Summit Hill Climb Edition that were heavily influenced production-based models.  

2024 MXZx 600RS

The newest version of the MXZx 600RS will deliver more performance and durability for top pros and independents alike with key features from the REV Gen5 platform. The list of improvements doesn’t stop with the platform as it also includes a re-engineered rear suspension and engine updates to take things up another notch. 

The REV platform with its open cockpit design and centrally balanced engine provide superior rider ergonomics and handling in rough conditions. The layout delivers agile and responsive behavior to rider input while the Ergo Step side panels and beveled tunnel allow racers the room to attack – without interference from the chassis. It features the REV Gen5 four-point engine mounting system and improved CVT alignment for more consistent clutch performance plus a stiffer chassis that provides more precise handling and better feedback to the rider. Another Gen5 feature is the quick-change drive axle for easier and faster track changes, making race weekends easier for the pit crews. The RS specific front S-Module is also reinforced for improved durability and because racing can lead to unexpected events, the ignition coil and RAVE motor have been relocated inboard to protect from impacts. 

Changes from last year carryover in the RAS RS front suspension with shorter shock length that maintains the same travel to help lower the center of gravity, and a spring rate that was increased to reduce roll, for better cornering. The front suspension continues to feature a long spindle design that allows high cornering speeds and a unique power steering system exclusive to the MXZx RS race sled that provides ultra-precise handling with less effort.  

The legendary rMotion RS rear suspension has also undergone many engineering updates for improved performance including a refined center arm for improved traction in rough conditions – especially the ice edges and ridges that develop in snocross racing. The motion ratio of the rear arm is changed with a new linkage that provides a softer initial feel and when combined with the improved coupling it delivers better traction and weight transfer for more control in wicked snocross conditions.

The MXZ RS continues to use bespoke 46 mm KYB Pro Series shocks that have Integral Base Valves with the ability to adjust not only High and Low Speed Compression but also High Speed rebound and calibration has been updated to match the rear suspension geometry changes.

The engine powering the MXZx 600RS E-TEC is as sophisticated as any 2-stroke on earth – except maybe the Rotax 850 E-TEC Turbo R that features water injection, where it draws technology from like booster injectors, a short intake tract with double reeds and digital eRAVE. But that doesn’t mean it’s finicky or high maintenance – it’s actually just the opposite. By using E-TEC advanced systems, this 600cc high output monster is a hands-off package that compensates for weather and altitude conditions while delivering maximum horsepower at all times without human intervention. This year the engine uses new larger injectors and further refined calibration that improves reliability and overall performance yet again. 

MXZx 600RS maintains traditional black and yellow identity 

2024 MXZx 600RS Highlights

 NEW REV Gen5 Platform DNA

  • Taper/tilt tunnel design
  • NEW 4-point engine mounting
  • NEW quick change drive axle
  • Short heat exchanger with internal loop 
  • 137” Track 
  • Lightweight Lexan Hood 
  • Quiet, high flow Airbox Design
  • LED Lightweight Headlights 
  • NEW Reinforced S module
  • MX inspired seat and hi-traction cover
  • Racing foot box
  • 5-gallon fuel tank
  • Lower center of gravity
  • High Air Flow Left Vent

 RAS RS Front Suspension

  • Kashima coated 46mm KYB Pro Series shocks (High Speed /Low Speed compression and High Speed / Low Speed Rebound adjustments) 
  • Integral Base Valve Adjuster 
  • Rack steering with power assist 
  • Long Spindle design (Stronger + better speed cornering) 
  • Lightweight Pilot R2 Ski – Reinforced

NEW rMotion RS Rear Suspension

  • Race proven rail design, higher front arm mount, new color
  • 137” length 
  • NEW refined front arm 
  • NEW motion ratio (softer initial) 
  • NEW improved coupling 
  • Kashima coated 46mm KYB Pro Series piggyback center shock w/ High Speed / Low Speed compression and High Speed Rebound adjustment
  • Kashima coated 46mm KYB Pro Series piggyback rear shock w/ High Speed / Low Speed compression and High Speed / Low Speed rebound adjustment 
  • Integral Base Valve Adjuster
  • Revised geometry
  • Holeshot Device

 Rotax 600RS E-TEC Engine (599.4 cc)

  • E-TEC direct injection 
  • Monoblock cylinder design with Plasma coating- delivers high horsepower
  • NEW larger injectors
  • NEW engine calibration 
  • Intake booster injectors (850 E-TEC-inspired)
  • Shorter intake length (850 E-TEC-inspired)
  • Double reed valves (850 E-TEC-inspired)
  • eRAVE (850 E-TEC-inspired)
  • Lightweight exhaust system (Stainless steel tuned pipe)
  • Racing Throttle Block – Ready for 50% throttle applications
  • Reinforced engine mounts
  • Hot Start Button 


  • Brembo Brake System – large diameter rotor, easy maintenance caliper
  • pDrive primary clutch
  • TEAM TSS-04 secondary clutch
  • Slip gear – Better durability, less maintenance
  • Lightweight belt guard – better air flow