2024 Polaris 650 Indy Adventure 137 – Test



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During the SnowShoot MY2024, the Passion Motoneige team tested several models and some stand out. Often, they are the ones with the most powerful mechanics or the latest ones. However, we sometimes miss models that deserve to be known. This is the case of the Polaris 650 Indy Adventure 137 2024. The engine is both powerful and economical. High-caliber suspension, generous standard equipment, etc. We take a closer look at it to let you discover it. Maybe it will be your next ride?



Let’s start with the engine that powers the Polaris Indy Adventure 137. There are two choices. The first one is the four-stroke ProStar S4 engine. A 1000cc parallel twin that delivers 80-90 horsepower (unofficial figures). Then comes the beautiful Patriot 650 two-stroke engine. You’ll quickly wonder why the manufacturer doesn’t offer the 850 in this version of the Indy Adventure. I’ll tell you that you don’t feel the need to have the big displacement. Of course, it’s always nice to have maximum horsepower and to be able to say that you have the best. But what if the best was the 650? Let me explain before I start getting rocks…

Patriot 650 engine

First of all, the Patriot 650 is an engine that offers nice power in the 130-135 horsepower range. Although it doesn’t hold a candle to the 175 HP of the 850. The 650’s power delivery is comparable to the 850’s in the low and mid-range. And even the response is superior to the 850 since there is less inertia. So we have a very responsive engine that will hold its own against the 850 in the early stages of acceleration.

The 650 offers strong acceleration out of curves and can give more than enough cruising speed. This means that I am able to reach the maximum speed allowed on federated trails and even beyond without any problem. So, yes, it is possible to want more and more to ride well beyond this limit. At that point, the 850 makes sense in the Indy range with a VR1 for example. Or to want an 850 in a mountain snowmobile, since you always want a reserve of power when you need it. On the other hand, the 650 Patriot engine is a marvel in the Indy Adventure package.

Which mechanics to choose?

To sum up, the 650 offers comparable power to the 850 at low/mid rpm and an even more punchy response. Another aspect that shouldn’t be overlooked is the very appreciable fuel economy compared to the 850. Polaris estimates this economy at up to 40%, which doesn’t seem like an exaggeration at all, having tested it. Finally, for the die-hard fans of maximum performance, the 850 is offered in other Indy or VR1 packages. At the same time, you will be better served with the sportier look of these models than the Adventure. It’s all about what you want to do with your snowmobile. The Adventure version of the Indy is aimed at people who want to ride long distances and get the freedom to explore off the beaten path.

Standard equipment and accessories

Our test snowmobile was very well matched to the stock model with accessories to cover all eventualities. A model that is called Adventure is better off offering this original look to explore. Polaris saw fit to fit it with a high windshield that provides excellent protection without disguising the look. Side mirrors are also standard and they are really well integrated into the side panels.

You also get the M2 Lock & Ride passenger seat that can be uninstalled in two seconds. About the Lock & Ride quick release system, you should know that the manufacturer has a complete catalog of products. Different carrying bags, extra fuel cans, racks, etc. You will find what you need for your snowmobile outings. Moreover, you even have the small carrying bag included with this model.

Écran tactile 7s avec Ride Command

Released a few seasons ago, the 7s touch screen still amazes us. Available as an option, it allows you to have access to a GPS. It’s easy to follow your snowmobile friends in real time on the GPS if they also have this screen. And to be connected to your cell phone for notifications or to change the song playing in your earphones.

Of course, the screen allows to see the different essential information (speed, rpm, distance…) in a neat presentation. And to top it all off, the screen works wonderfully well with gloves on. Once the day is over, you can record your rides and share them with the Ride Command application. In short, it’s great to have access to such technology that enhances our rides.


Polaris offers no less than three track options to pair with one of the two engines (ProStar S4 or Patriot 650). You will have the choice between one of these three options:

  • Ice Ripper XT 15 x 137 x 1,25
  • Cobra 15 x 137 x 1,35
  • Storm 150 15 x 137 x 1,5  

It is important to consider the terrain where you will be riding most of the time and the type of snow. This will help you determine which one is best suited for you. That is, 1.25 inches of crampons if you ride exclusively on the trail, 1.35 inches if you ride 25% off trail and 1.5 inches if you like to venture off trail often.


Driving Impressions

Now it’s time to give you our riding impressions. First of all, I find that Polaris offers the most ergonomic riding position in the industry. We sit high on the MATRYX platform. This gives us a considerable advantage in terms of being able to move around efficiently during manoeuvres. Moreover, the transfer between sitting and standing positions is greatly facilitated. This is a good thing for a snowmobile with a hybrid vocation when you are swinging in the powder.

The Indy Adventure reacts well on the trails with impeccable handling and precision. The FOX QS3 suspensions can be adjusted in a flash with the three positions (Soft, Medium, Hard). They provide exemplary damping and allow the skis and track to do their job efficiently. The PRO-STEER dual carbide skis bite down on the trail. The PRO-CC rear suspension offers a nice balance between comfort and firmness. Polaris has a lot of experience with suspension in general.


Once you get off the beaten path, you realize that the Indy Adventure loves to run in deep snow. The 137-inch track and especially the 1.5-inch studs provide excellent flotation. You feel in full control and you don’t have to worry about getting stuck… Without exaggerating of course. The Polaris 650 Indy Adventure 137 is not a mountain snowmobile. On the other hand, it can be categorized in the “crossover” segment when equipped with the 1.5-inch track with studs.


  • Two engine choices: Patriot 650 (two-stroke) & ProStar S4 (four-stroke).
  • The Indy Adventure is a true two-seater tourer for the trails. And you can venture out into the powder.
  • A well-equipped snowmobile from the start (two seats, carry bag, side mirrors).

Points for improvement

  • A retail price that continues to climb… Over the $20,000 mark.
  • The reverse gear (backwards) still does not have a horn. To be corrected for safety reasons.


The Polaris 650 Indy Adventure 137 2024 is a touring snowmobile to discover. The whole team has greatly appreciated this model which provides excellent handling for exploring different terrains.

For more information on the 2024 Polaris models, visit the website or your nearest dealer.