Yeti Panga 28 the unsinkable snow bag!

Yeti Panga 28 the unsinkable snow bag


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Like most of you, I have never seen the yeti, this abominable snowman who haunts Tibet, but I was able to try the Yeti bag Panga 28. This backpack is to waterproofing what the Rolls-Royce is to cars: top of the line!

YETI is a company that was founded in Austin, Texas in 2006 by two brothers who were crazy about fishing and hiking. They were disappointed with the thermal capacity of traditional coolers and the waterproofness of their luggage in extreme conditions. 

So they created a line of products that has been adopted by many discerning adventurers. To begin with, they developed coolers designed to keep the cold in for a long time, and to withstand the shocks of expeditions in the wilderness. Then came the waterproof bags, resistant to water immersion and snags in rocky terrain.

You’ll understand their usefulness once you’ve destroyed and drowned your camera and cell phone, even though they were stored in your backpack with a “waterproof” label. To give you an idea, kayakers or fishermen use these bags without fear of submerging them.

The YETI bag Panga 28 is designed and built with superior components like the Thickskin shell made of high-density nylon, covered with a TPU laminated thermoplastic layer to resist abrasion, impact and water. In a suit of armor, you have to pay attention to the openings. Here, the Hydrolok zipper is certified waterproof. Even the slider, the famous “zipper”, is treated to ensure a watertight seal.

And it works! I dragged it through the snow to see, and even left it buried in the powder during our lunch (Covid time, we eat out…). There was no water or moisture inside. A safe with straps, comfortable by the way, and which can be completed with a belly belt not to lose it, in water, or off-piste, in the powder. 

The distinctive interior with its blue color is fully washable. A mesh divider can accommodate valuables such as a wallet. Another internal pocket allows for separation and storage of belongings. 

The bag has a carrying handle and side ties that are used to secure it to a luggage rack. The seams are also waterproof, so water won’t get through!

Its dimensions are generous and allow you to carry equipment. It measures 20” high (50.8 cm), by 12 ½” wide (31.8 cm) and 7” deep (17.8 cm).

The Yeti is not ugly (pun intended), it exudes efficiency. Its back is engraved with the Yeti brand in relief. The blue color inside brings a distinctive sign too.

Wearing a Panga gives you an image of a serious adventurer going to Antarctica or Labrador. That’s how I felt with the bag on my back! 

So the positives are many and are reinforced by the customer satisfaction rating of 4.7 out of 5.

For the negative points, we can mention three elements. 

It is quite bulky and should be reserved for single snowmobilers, as it is not ergonomic for two people. The passenger can be in the way or the bag has to be attached to the back in that case. When used for fishing/hiking, it can be cumbersome as well. An intermediate model would be welcome in the range. 

Its weight is important. The Panga 28 is like an armored car versus a normal car. It is heavier. With 1.8 kg when empty, this is the price to pay for solidity..

Its price may seem high with a pdsf of $399.99. But it’s an investment you’ll list in your will to pass on to the next generation. Durability and waterproofing won’t let you down. How valuable is the electronic equipment you carry? How vital is it to be able to put on dry underwear at the bivouac at night? The answer is in the question.

Getting a Panga 28 is an investment that will save you money over time. Thanks to the life of the product and the equipment it will protect effectively.

A Canadian site in French allows you to find the nearest retailer.