Yamaha SideWinder X-TX LE EPS 2025



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2025 unfortunately announces the end for snowmobile manufacturer Yamaha. At the last SnowShoot in Montana, we were able to test a number of models one last time. It’s a bit nostalgic to say goodbye to the wonderful SideWinder models.

To celebrate these many seasons, the manufacturer is launching a final limited edition range: ”Final Edition”. One of these models is the Yamaha SideWinder X-TX LE 2025. A snowmobile light years ahead of the very first model, the SL 350, introduced in 1968!

Yamaha SideWinder X-TX LE

Style and quality of finish

Although the Yamaha SideWinder X-TX LE EPS has been available for several seasons, its styling is as up-to-date as ever. The quality of the finish is spot-on, and its sober color gives it an aggressive look. To mark the brand’s 57 years in snowmobiling, the company has installed a commemorative plaque. Each 2025 snowmobile comes with a commemorative badge and numerous touches to highlight this page of history. 

The ”LE” for ”Limited Edition” comes well equipped as standard, with a full list of accessories included. These include a heated seat, tunnel bag and electronic power steering (EPS). What’s more, the fabulous FOX IQS shock absorbers can be adjusted electronically from the handlebars without having to stop. We love these suspensions, and they’re easily adjustable in 3 positions (Soft, Medium, Hard). It couldn’t be simpler. These options stand apart from all the others generally found on today’s snowmobiles. So you’re already well prepared for the long haul, without having to think about spending any more money before setting off on your adventure. 

Legendary engine

To bring this imposing snowmobile to life, the Genesis 4-stroke 998cc turbocharged engine is fitted to the chassis. This is an engine that really needs no introduction, but there are a few strong points to highlight. First and foremost, its remarkable 200 horsepower. And even a little more than that, according to the many dyno tests that have been carried out. Reliability is also a strong point, with several SideWinder models going well beyond 50,000km without major problems. 

The finesse of this powertrain also deserves a lot of praise. In fact, we enjoy a very progressive power curve, right up to monster performance. It would be an understatement to say that this is one of the best snowmobile engines of all time. And personally, the best 4-stroke turbocharged engine of any manufacturer today. Sad to see it retire…


Trail riding impressions

In trail sections, the Yamaha SideWinder X-TX LE EPS shines with consistent power and remarkable riding precision. Indeed, the Stryke skis are virtually welded to the surface, and its high weight becomes a serious advantage. What’s more, the electronically-assisted steering is a blessing for the shoulders on long tours. And it’s worth pointing out that the steering is just present enough without introducing a blurred feel for the ground.

The turbocharged engine is docile and easy to exploit thanks to its progressive powerband. Acceleration is insane, and you get the impression that the SideWinder always wants to give you more. Pick-ups are just as intense, and you’ll enjoy the rhythmic rhythm of the turns. Although the uncoupled 146po track isn’t the most suitable for trails, it’s certainly the one that gives us the strongest acceleration with its more than generous traction. Let’s just say it pulls hard on the hands and wrists to stay in place when accelerating.


Off-trail riding impressions

The SideWinder X-TX LE EPS 2025 is a snowmobile with a certain hybrid vocation. In fact, its 146-inch uncoupled track and 2-inch studs give it plenty of bite. So you can get off the beaten track and devour the powdery snow. You can even explore virgin snow without it being a mountain snowmobile. Of course, its weight is a bit of a disadvantage, and you have to be careful not to get stuck. The task of getting it out could prove arduous. 

Its 200 hp allow it to float well in the snow while maintaining a good “momentum”. It also reacts well to successive bumps and untangled snow. However, its rear suspension could quickly remind us not to push too hard… since its travel and flexibility could be improved.


  • Powerful turbocharged engine for a smooth ride.
  • Handlebar-adjustable electronic suspension. FOX IQS.
  • Commemorative “Final Edition” to mark the last year of production.
  • The LE version, with its comprehensive standard equipment.

Points for improvement

  • A little heavy, but the EPS works miracles to eliminate any negative effects on handling.
  • Rear suspension lacks travel and comfort over medium and large bumps.
2025 Yamaha SideWinder X-TX LE EPS


In short, the Yamaha SideWinder X-TX LE 2025 won us over with its high-caliber performance. It offers comprehensive standard equipment and exemplary driving precision. Buying a “Final Edition” is like buying a piece of history from the Japanese manufacturer.