SUPERCLAMP a must for our trailers!

SUPERCLAMP A must for our trailers!


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It is imperative to transport our recreational vehicles on several occasions using our trailers. Whether it is to access new trails in regions other than ours or to visit our favorite dealer for maintenance, the movement of our vehicles must be done in a simple and safe way. SUPERCLAMP a must for our trailers!

The purchase of a trailer is also an investment in itself, just like the purchase of a snowmobile or a quad. It too is entitled to precautions and maintenance to ensure a long life. The flooring materials used are usually wood and these panels quickly show premature wear when a snowmobile or ATV is used repeatedly. This alteration of the panels requires replacement when the deterioration is too apparent and this exercise requires subsequent and occasionally unforeseen costs.


SUPERCLAMP is dedicated to the manufacture and development of accessories for the protection and securing of recreational vehicles. It has set the standard and raised the bar as a world leader since 1997. Over the years, this company has developed several accessories to secure and transport our recreational vehicles more easily, safely and quietly. In addition to protecting the floors of our trailers, they offer an unparalleled grip, regardless of the conditions.

To ensure the migration of our vehicles for our numerous trips, we have opted for 2 accessories that will certainly allow us to come and go with peace of mind:


Super Traction Grids’ strategic grid design provides incredible traction for all snowmobile tracks as well as ATV and dirt bike tires. Built with the brand’s expertise and emphasis on safety, Super Traction Grids are an essential addition to a sled deck or trailer.

These grates are made of a very durable composite material, even in extremely cold temperatures, for unmatched traction. Especially when climbing a ramp in winter, traction could be reduced and these grates counteract this inconvenience. As for our recreational vehicles, they ensure cohesion with snowy boots, because otherwise, a skid or a slip can reduce safety and even cause an unfortunate incident.

The material required and its installation can be according to our use. They can be fixed in the center of the floor of a trailer to improve the grip of the track of a snowmobile or according to the desired layout to improve the traction of the tires of a quad.

Its installation:

For our use and for the configuration of our closed trailer, we decided to proceed with the installation of these traction grids in the center of the floor and the ramp door. These grids have a dimension of 8.25” X 29.5” (21cm X 75cm) and we fixed them 2 x 2 by taking care to leave a spacing of 1/4 of inches (6 millimeters) between them to allow a gap of expansion. Among the hardware provided, we note the screws equipped with eyelets allowing, when fixed to the spaces encavés of the grids, an expansion avoiding at the same time, a deformation of the Super Traction Grids during a change of temperature.

We felt that it was not necessary to cover the entire front portion of the floor of our trailer, as the area used by the track of our snowmobiles is usually limited by the midportion of our floor.

Each box contains 4 grids and we needed 4 boxes to perform the required installation. However, it is possible to proceed to the desired configuration by the versatility of these parts. A cutting of this one can also be carried out for a perfect arrangement according to our requirements.


Snowmobile carbides are the number one enemy of surfaces because of their ability to create cracks and permanent damage. ATV tires, when nailed down in winter, are also an opponent to the preservation of our trailer floors. However, Superclamp offers composite protectors that ensure a smooth glide for snowmobile skis or traction for ATV tires, whether up or down.

These protectors are available in 2 widths depending on the budget or the use required. The Superglides II Pro is 8 1/2″ (21cm) wide and the model we decided to use, the Superglides II wide, is 13 1/2″ (34cm) wide. The choice of one or the other is really up to the individual’s preference. When installing on the surface of a double trailer, the narrower version is preferable, but in our specific case, for universal use, as we have the possibility of transporting several vehicles with different configurations, we particularly appreciate the wide version.

Icy or snowy surfaces are no longer a problem, because these panels, in addition to ensuring a better sliding of the skis of a snowmobile, increase the traction of the tires of an ATV or of our boots by their adequate surfaces.

Its installation:

All materials and hardware are provided in each box. They contain 8 panels of 29.5” (75cm) long. We have taken care to use edge trim rails to maximize the anchoring and for a better finish. The panels must be slid into the edge trim before installation. Like all Superclamp products, Superglide panels are pre-drilled and the panels are elongated to allow for expansion during temperature changes. The fastening screws are also equipped with eyelets to facilitate this expansion. To ensure this expansion is possible, we have taken care to leave a 1/4″ (6mm) gap between each panel to avoid bending or warping.

In conclusion, beyond the safety aspect, adding Superclamp accessories is an investment in itself. They will protect the surfaces of your trailers or truck ramps for a longer life. Therefore, through our years in the off-road vehicle business, we have identified two aspects that are of great importance to consumers: ease of use and financial benefit. These products meet these criteria because they will save you a lot of hassle and expense over a long period of time.

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