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Ski-Doo is introducing a purpose-built snowmobile for the riders looking to compete in North American hill climb events or seek the most aggressive rough terrain uphill machine available – the Summit HCE 154 850 E-TEC. While news of the Summit Hill Climb Edition (HCE) model was distributed to dealers last spring, the official unveiling coincides with the annual Hay Days snowmobile event in North Branch, Minnesota September 9-10, 2023.  

This is a pure Hill Climb racing sled built with input from the pros, without compromise, ready for serious business. This sled is configured for hill climb racers and those super aggressive backcountry riders who want to tackle harder packed technical terrain. It offers a robust rear suspension with less transfer for maximum traction and extreme precision in tracking through difficult terrain. Because it’s a Summit with a 2.5” track, it remains competent in off-trail conditions, but the sled is designed for those days when conditions are most challenging.

Ultra-aggressive KYB Pro 40 shocks with integral base valves (that allow separate hi/low speed compression and rebound adjustment) are standard and will be calibrated for the nastiest conditions. The fixed rear arm tMotion HCE is built to take the extra abuse of hill climb racing while delivering less weight transfer because of a longer front arm for maximum traction and forward momentum on harder snow packs. The Pilot DS-3 skis track with extreme precision allowing riders to hit their marks in varied snow conditions easier while the 15” X 154” X 2.5” full rod PowderMax track offers less rotating mass for maximum track speed to reach the top of the hill quickly!

Propulsion is provided by the ultra-responsive Rotax 850 E-TEC that features clean and consistent running at all altitudes and weather conditions. Racers of course want the bare minimum features required to save weight and with the magic of SHOT starting that adds virtually no extra weight they get the ease of push button starting standard also. 

This model will be available as an in-season sled, but quantities are extremely limited. 

2024 Summit HCE 850 E-TEC Highlights

 REV Gen5 Platform –

  • 4-point engine mounting
  • 15” x 154 ”x 2.5” full rod PowderMax Track 
  • LED Lightweight Headlights 
  • Ultra compact and lightweight deep snow seat
  • Brembo brake with adjustable brake lever
  • Short Tunnel with lightweight snowflap
  • Rotax 850 E-Tec with Shot starter

 RAS 3 Front Suspension

  • KYB Pro 40 R with Integral Base Valve 
  • Race Calibration shock settings
  • Pilot DS3 Ski 

NEW tMotion HCE Rear Suspension

  • Race proven heavy duty design 
  • KYB Pro 40 with Integral Base Valve center and rear shocks
  • Race calibration shock settings
  • 154” length 
  • Reduced track angle of attack
  • 4 Wheel real axle

Rotax 850 E-TEC Engine with SHOT Starter

  • E-TEC direct injection 
  • Intake booster injectors
  • Shorter intake length 
  • Double reed valves 
  • eRAVE 


  • pDrive primary clutch
  • QRS Vent Plus