Renegade Adrenaline 900 ACE Turbo R 2025

Renegade Adrenaline 900 ACE turbo R 2025


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Certainly a vehicle adored by many Canadian enthusiasts, especially those who rack up the miles in a day. The trail enthusiast who likes comfort and performance, as well as protection from the cold, can’t help but consider the Renegade Adrenaline 900 ACE turbo R 2025.

With the reclassification that the folks at Skidoo have done over the last few seasons, the Adrenaline versions are now a little better equipped. Considered at the outset as a slightly more entry-level snowmobile, it is now considered to be in the middle and even upper echelons of the Peloton. One of the vehicles best suited to the Canadian market.

900 ACE Turbo R what a beautiful engine.


Certainly one of the biggest sellers in Canada, this engine continues to set tracks ablaze everywhere, especially for those seeking performance thrills. It has definitely proved its worth over the past few seasons, with unrivalled reliability and an excellent power-to-weight ratio. This three-cylinder, 900 CC four-stroke is turbocharged, with a so-called intercooler. This cools the compressed air before it enters the engine, ensuring optimum power delivery. To reduce the latency effect commonly known as lag, engineers have positioned the turbo very close to the exhaust manifold, enabling rapid revving, ensuring response and power delivery with very little hesitation. The system uses a relief valve, commonly known as the Blow Off Valve, which releases excess pressure when the throttle is released. The latter is easily heard when moving the vehicle at low revs.

RAS X front suspension


Well-known in the past, we continue to rely on the RAS X front suspension. Interestingly, for 2025 we’re using KYB Pro 36 shock absorbers, well known for their reputation for excellent damping. It’s a fine compromise between comfort and performance on bumpy trails. As for the skis, we’ve gone for the famous DS pilots with adjustable blades that allow you to find a good compromise according to snow conditions. Simply turn the handle to extend the beam to your liking!


LinQ system


Very interesting, and especially for our market, BRP decided to equip a snowmobile as many do here in Quebec. A snowshoot first… This vehicle demonstrates the multiple possibilities that the LinQ loading system can offer. This system, which has been established for several years now, has proved its worth in terms of both functionality and durability. And what is rarely seen in the industry, BRP has kept the system exactly the same since its introduction, allowing you to use your carry bags from several seasons ago. And as for durability, let’s face it, they’re built tough…

The concept offers incredible flexibility in terms of options, whether you’re working with tools like a chainsaw, fishing rod or whatever, or simply carrying your personal belongings. Stackable bag options offer a variety of options to meet your specific needs, making the vehicle versatile and adaptable to a variety of situations.

Skidoo introduces a new way to signal on the trails.

BRP also adds an adjustable color bar concept to the windshield, which is also available on handguards. This system can be used to announce situations to snowmobilers encountered on the trail. Three colors are available, signifying three different situations:

White: Used as a Skidoo signature when there’s nothing to report.


Green color: You’re the last of the group or you’re alone on your ride.


Amber: indicates that one or more snowmobilers are following behind you.


Flashing amber : Danger is present, use caution.

Worthy of mention: the engineers have created an opening in the inside of the windshield (or hand guard) so that when you’re sitting on the vehicle, you can see which color is transmitted to the snowmobilers you’re passing.

Our trail test


We concentrated our trail riding on the magnificent views of West Yellowstone. Needless to say, on the performance side, the 180-hp 900 ACE turbo R delivers the goods. This engine puts a big smile on our faces. As with all turbocharged engines, there’s a little lag on start-up, which is perfectly normal with turbocharging through the exhaust. This slight hesitation is quickly compensated for as the engine ramps up to reach a maximum output of 180 hp, which is very realistic when compared to other snowmobiles on the market. If you’re an enthusiast who pushes a lot in the bumps, you’ll be better served with an X or XRS version, which is better suited to the suspension. But if you’re looking for excellent value for money and want to rack up the miles on the trail, this is definitely one of the best choices in the industry right now.

The KYB pro 36s do an excellent job, offering a nice comfort zone in small bumps and still allowing you to push on bumpier trails. The 900 ACE Turbo R has proven its reliability since its introduction in 2022 on the Mach Z. And it remains highly reliable to this day. Its fuel consumption is very respectable for the power it delivers, so you won’t be the first to look for a gas station when you’re in a group.


Our test model with the adjustable windscreen is a delight for those looking for comfort. Without a doubt, its wind protection is beyond reproach. And the system lets you adjust its height to your liking.

In summary

The Renegade adrenaline 900 ACE Turbo R 2025 is definitely an excellent choice for those who like to take long trips, in comfort, in the heat, and allows for a little dose of madness on occasion.