Nomad Taiga Motors Electric Snowmobile



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We have to admit it and be prepared, the future of electric snowmobiling is at our doorstep and much more than we think. Thus, it is a new player in the industry who has started dancing.  This company is entirely Quebec-based, I present to you Taïga Motors.

History of Taiga Motors

A bit of history about Taïga Motors, which is a purely Quebecois company and which is likely to turn many heads on the trail. Taïga Motors was founded in September 2015 by three partners, Samuel Bruneau, Paul Achard and Gabriel Bernatchez. Their mission is to revolutionize the powersports industry with electric vehicles. The head office is located in Montreal and is optimizing its production capacity for the time being. They are also planning to build a production plant in Shawinigan in the near future.

A look at the machine

The Nomad snowmobile is a true workhorse. It’s a two-seat, wide-wheelbase utility snowmobile that’s perfect for work or exploring the trails. It was designed entirely here in Quebec and I must admit, its appearance is very eye-catching. When the Centre du Sport Lac Saint-Jean and Taïga invited me to join them in Valinouet for a trial day. 

Nomad Taiga Motors Electric Snowmobile

I accepted immediately, because for us at Snowmobile Passion, it was our first contact with this 100% electric snowmobile. He had four Nomad performance examples, 90 kW of 120 horsepower at our disposal. Robert Putnam, Taiga Motors’ Head of Development, explains various important aspects of the Nomad. Among other things, the Nomad is powered by a direct belt on the drive shaft, so no CVT transmission. Taiga anticipates that this belt will last the life of the snowmobile quite impressively. Only time will tell if this claim will be achievable.

Battery Technology

Equipped with standard J1772 connectors, the Nomad can be easily charged in any outdoor conditions. With standard level one and two charging and optional level three, it will integrate seamlessly with the existing EV network. As an example for level one, a standard 110V home outlet, charging takes twelve hours for a 100% charge. For level two of 220V residential and commercial type, allow 3.5 hours. If you opt for the level three DC fast Charge option, then we’re talking about forty minutes for eighty percent. Allow another thirty minutes to get a full charge. The estimated range of the Nomad is one hundred kilometers depending on the external conditions and our driving.  

Nomad Taiga Motors Electric Snowmobile
Nomad Taiga Motors Electric Snowmobile

Technology at your fingertips on your cell phone

State-of-the-art technology is present on the Nomad and controlled at all times using the smartphone. You are able to update the snowmobile’s programming via our cell phones with an application that can be downloaded on IOS or Android.

You will also be able to control the different driving modes, check the battery status, locate the exact location of your location. You’ll also be able to control all three driving modes via the Taiga app and much more. This will be done either via WI-FI, Bluetooth, or via cellular network, depending on your location. On the maintenance side of the Taiga, some maintenance work can be carried out with a simple software update.

The electrical power of the engine

Taiga’s powertrain is specifically designed for winter activities and is designed to operate reliably. At extreme temperatures and withstand the worst conditions. The snowmobile features automotive-grade lithium-ion batteries, an inverter motor combined with the Taiga Power Unit. Taiga’s proprietary management system and associated engine mapping all contribute to an efficient and capable powertrain. 

All of this gives the snowmobile a powerful forward propulsion impulse. By consolidating the motor and inverter into a single element, it saves space and reduces the weight of the snowmobile. The advanced closed-loop powertrain design and direct-drive traction unit use fewer moving parts than a gasoline-powered engine. Interestingly enough, when we travel, there is even an energy regenerator that recharges the battery by going down a slope. What we perceive as an engine brake is actually the recovery of this energy to send it to the battery.  

Our driving impressions

Let’s get down to business and talk about our impressions during this trial day with the Sports Centre and Taiga.

Nomad Taiga Motors Electric Snowmobile

The first thing to note is that this is a beautifully designed snowmobile with quality assembly components for a robust look. By sitting in the driver’s seat, the driving position is good and the controls are easily accessible. The most striking thing when you step on the accelerator is the absence of noise as you know on a conventional snowmobile. The only thing you can make out when accelerating is a slight hiss from the electric motor. The acceleration is lively and direct, the power is transmitted directly to the track at the slightest touch of the accelerator. Our test course is about ten kilometers long which consists of straight lines, curves and a good uphill slope of a mountain.

Nomad Taiga Motors Electric Snowmobile
Nomad Taiga Motors Electric Snowmobile

I notice a slight swaying from left to right while riding, probably due to the condition of the trails or the wear and tear of the rails. Difficult to pin down, only a long-term trial will answer this question. The Nomad devours the trails with great skill. It is easily controlled in curves. In addition, it reacts quickly when power is needed, such as a good steep slope. 

The suspension works well on the trail and absorbed the backlash well, encountered all along our course. Our tester was equipped with optional Elka stage three shocks, which are available with the purchase of the vehicle. The turning radius is long when you have to turn back,

A user-friendly driver’s station

The control centre via the instrument panel is brimming with precise information, and gives access to control of driving modes along the way.

Indeed, we have access to three driving modes via an easily accessible button. These modes are: Range which is equivalent to 45 HP, Sport for 90 HP and Wild mode for the full power of 120 horsepower. We can also see most of the usual functions of conventional dashboard lap and much more. The battery charge, the connected accessories such as the handle and the heated thumb, the estimate we have left in energy and even more.

In Conclusion 

During this lightning test of about fifty kilometers, we were able to get a good idea of the Nomad electric snowmobile from Taiga. We notice a well-designed snowmobile, good comfort when riding on the trail and a fast, lively and instant acceleration. The absence of the noise of a conventional engine is striking, especially when stopped, you ask yourself the question and it starts. Does the electric snowmobile have its place on the trail, I could say yes, but for short distances for now. The federated trail network in Quebec is 33,000 km and of this 5,000 km leads to charging stations. Taiga’s main clientele is more commercial such as ski resorts, maple groves, and other businesses.

Is the future of electric snowmobiling viable in Quebec? Maybe, but there is a lot of work to be done. Taiga and other manufacturers will have to develop a model with a longer range, which should happen soon. The future is promising, and yes, we’re there. Finally, a big thank you to Taïga Motors, Mathieu and Dominique Tremblay from the Centre Du Sport for inviting us for a test drive.

On that note, enjoy your electrifying ride!