LYNX RAVE GLS 850 E-TEC Turbo R 2025 Test

LYNX RAVE GLS 850 E-TEC Turbo R 2025 test


Table des matières

In 1985, LYNX introduced the GLS 3300, which changed the brand’s image and made a name for itself in competition. The LYNX RAVE GLS 850 E-TEC Turbo R 2025 celebrates the manufacturer’s 40th anniversary with this exclusive model. Power, robust suspension, equipment, technology and retro colors are all on offer. Find out more about this iconic new model.


Retro styling

First of all, we can’t fail to mention the retro touch of the LYNX RAVE GLS 850 E-TEC Turbo R 2025’s fairing. Yellow and orange colors on a black background recall the early years that forged the brand’s reputation. The end result is sublime, and adds a dynamic touch to the overall design. With the Radien2 platform, we’re treated to a superbly meticulous finish and a fairing that’s magnificent from every angle. 4 LED lights adorn the front of the vehicle for an interesting visual impact and excellent luminosity for night-time cruising. In fact, the vehicle’s light signature makes it stand out from the crowd when out on the trails, with additional accents of light near the bumper.


Standard equipment

In addition to the standard features found on recent snowmobiles, there’s a hefty list of standard equipment. We’re treated to a fabulous 10.25-inch touchscreen with all the information, navigation and “BRP GO!”. This allows you to take full advantage of advanced functionalities and a complete connection with your cell phone. Hand guards and a low windshield provide wind protection while maintaining a dynamic riding feel. We’ve also got foot braces to hold boots in place as if they were in stirrups.


This plush version also features KYB 46 shock absorbers with Kashima coating for extra durability. These suspensions are fully adjustable to suit the terrain you’re riding on. What’s more, their performance matches that of all the other high-quality components.


Turbocharged 2-stroke engine!

The LYNX RAVE GLS 850 E-TEC Turbo R 2025 is available exclusively with the manufacturer’s most powerful engine. That is, the massive 180 hp turbocharged 2-stroke engine. No need to explain at length that this engine pushes extremely hard. What’s more, you can count on continuous power thanks to direct injection of the water-ethanol mixture. This keeps the temperature in the cylinders lower, delivering constant performance.

A big wow! On the downside, you might find that response isn’t as instantaneous as with the same naturally-aspirated engine. This is normal with a turbo engine, but the manufacturer has managed to reduce it to a minimum without eliminating it. Personally, I prefer the naturally-aspirated engine (850 E-TEC) for its near-perfect response. And that’s even if it doesn’t deliver the same power at medium and high revs. It’s all a question of preference now, since this immense power is far from necessary…


Riding impressions on groomed trails

Taking a seat on the LYNX RAVE GLS 850 E-TEC Turbo R 2025 is a comfortable experience. The perfect width of the seat makes it easy to move from left to right, given the orientation of this sporty model. The 3700mm (137″) uncoupled PPS3 rear suspension makes a significant contribution to the sportiness of this model. The uncoupled architecture allows plenty of transfer and long wheelies under acceleration. With the 180 horsepower available, you’ll often find yourself with your skis in the air as you exit a turn. Despite this, BLADE XC+ skis offer excellent handling with an aggressive keel.

As long as you dose the throttle sparingly, you’ll be treated to razor-sharp handling. Once again, be careful not to lift the front end and lose pressure on the skis. In sporty riding, the turns disappear at speeds that can be well in excess of those prescribed. You could say that this is a “ticket machine”, and that you’ll have to keep your temper in check. Or plan to head for closed circuits to fully exploit the available potential.

Steering precision is excellent, even if it requires a sustained effort given the aggressiveness of the skis. We also observed a certain tendency to veer off course and follow in the footsteps of previous skiers. Of course, you can’t have everything, and the arrival of electronic power steering (EPS) could be interesting in the future.


Built to cope with the toughest conditions

This model is specifically designed to be more robust in the face of unmixed snow conditions, and that’s just what we noticed. It provides super-solid handling over bumps, and you never feel the end of this suspension. Thanks again to the excellent KYB 46 shock absorbers. The robust, high-performance suspension is certainly worth mentioning.

It’s also worth mentioning once again the presence of the foot braces. These hold the boots firmly in place on very rough trails. Or during hyper-sporty riding. At all times, you’re in complete control of the turns, bumps, accelerations and braking. In short, the rigidity of the chassis, the over-vitaminized performance and the overall robustness make this a thrilling snowmobile to ride.


  • 850 2-stroke turbo engine for breathtaking performance. 
  • Robust suspension to cope with the worst conditions
  • Exclusivity guaranteed with this special edition that recalls the brand’s origins.

Areas for improvement

  • Response time is not as instantaneous with the turbocharged version as with the naturally-aspirated. 
  • Skis with a very aggressive keel that sometimes causes veering on trails and requires considerable shoulder effort.
  • Such a well-equipped, high-performance snowmobile inevitably comes with a hefty price tag.



All in all, the LYNX RAVE GLS 850 E-TEC Turbo R 2025 is a true jewel of technology and performance. As an added bonus, it’s a historic nod to the brand’s glorious past, with just enough of a retro touch to give it a sexy look. And, of course, its price tag matches this exceptional pedigree. If you’re looking for a full-equipped, high-performance snowmobile, this is it!

Equipment shown in photos :

Helmet: CKX Titan Air Flow

Jacket: CKX Elevation Zero Monosuit

Gloves: Klim Klimate

Boots: FXR Helium Boa