Long term test CKX ALASKA clothing

Long term test CKX ALASKA clothing


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Outdoor activities in the winter season obviously require clothing adapted to each circumstance. Activities that require a lot of energy and activity will require lighter clothing. The opposite is also true and snowmobiling is a good example. Wide open spaces and higher top speeds require more insulated clothing for protection against the cold temperatures imposed by our occupation.

For several years now, the members of the Passion Motoneige magazine team have had the privilege of being dressed head to toe in CKX clothing for our motorized activities. This privilege and this close relationship allow us to make our recommendations and our impressions benefiting from the best of each vintage. 

The winter of 2021 was quite different for everyone given the circumstances imposed by the health measures. Moreover, we were all eager to hit the trails to get away from it all even if Mother Nature was a bit slow to cover the great expanses of our beautiful province with her white carpet.   

If you’ve been following us since the beginning of Passion Motoneige magazine in 2016, you’ve noticed the flamboyant colors we were used to for our clothes. We were very easily identifiable by our outfits. This year, we have adopted a completely opposite voice with more discreet and sober looking clothes, but taking advantage of the great experience of the designers at CKX. 


Our CKX ALASKA jacket that accompanied us throughout the winter has a very specific function: to keep us very warm. This one is adapted for snowmobile enthusiasts who want constant protection against the cold, as they are not usually subjected to any movement or effort compared to off-road enthusiasts. This is exactly the jacket I needed, as the Ski-doo MXZ snowmobile I had was not allowing me to go off-trail (as a precaution). 

Its aesthetics are rather self-effacing and CKX offers it in 3 versions. They are each black, but decorated with zippers of different colors of black, lime green or red to match our snowmobiles or simply our preferences. These zippers have the advantage of being water resistant in case of snow splashes to keep everything inside our pouches dry at all times.  

The CKX ALASKA jacket has a rather elongated and classic configuration. It is designed for both snowmobiling and everyday activities. We can qualify it as ”all-purpose” and we can wear it in a multitude of occasions without having a coat for every occupation.

The 200g body insulation is more than enough for cold and changing temperatures on my hiking days. Unlike other CKX models, this one doesn’t have a lining, or more commonly called a shell. Therefore, it will be very warm at all times, but fortunately it has side vents with mesh and zippers in strategic places allowing for a fresh air supply on milder winter days. 

One of the points I appreciate year after year at CKX, is the presence of an elastic snow skirt at the base of the coats of this brand allowing a hermeticity preventing the influx of snow and cold by the lower part. This feature seals the coat in a way to avoid possible heat loss. 

I must confess that I always have a phobia when I ride a snowmobile: I constantly check to make sure that the zippers on the outside pockets of my coat are nice and tight. In the case of the CKX ALASKA jacket, these zippers are positioned horizontally as opposed to some others that are vertical. This way, I can be sure that the precious contents inside will have less chance of escaping in case I forget. 

The cap is removable according to our preferences. However, for me, I like to have it on when I stop on a ride and remove my helmet. This hood paired with a toque kept me warm especially during the winter of 2021 when we were forced to take advantage of the outdoor facilities of the relays. 

Without a doubt, the CKX ALASKA was a great revelation during the last season, much to the delight of our team members.


I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the indisputable combination of the CKX ALASKA coat and the pants of the same name. They are inseparable if we want a perfect combination. These pants are mainly based on the characteristics of the coat mentioned above. 

It offers adequate protection against the cold and has additional polar fleece immunization at the seat and knees. The seams are sealed for superior waterproofing. The zippers are waterproof and allow us to stay dry at all times. 

You’ll agree that we usually recommend a sitting position when snowmobiling. CKX designers understand this and that’s why they design their pants so that the knees are pre-shaped for better comfort. 

Of course, the base of the pants has a velcro strap and a snow guard for a perfect fit and a perfect seal. 

In conclusion, we are once again very fortunate to be able to practice our favorite activity with the best in the category of riding apparel. We would like to take this opportunity to thank CKX, a local company, for once again being a leader in the field of recreational vehicle safety and wellness equipment.