2022 CKX Elevation Zero One Piece Review

Eessai l’ensemble une pièce CKX ELEVATION ZERO


Table des matières

For the 2021-2022 snowmobile season, the Snowmobile Passion team had the chance to test the CKX Elevation Zero one-piece suit. First of all, we will present you in detail the characteristics of the suit. Then, we’ll give you our impressions on this set that offers a lot for your money!

CKX Elevation Zero

The first aspect that must be validated when buying a snowmobile kit is certainly the use that you wish to make of it. If you intend to ride mainly on trails, you must favour a good level of insulation since the physical effort varies from moderate to low. On the other hand, if like me, you will be doing mostly back-country riding, you need to go for a very low insulation package or not at all. This is exactly what the CKX ELEVATION provides in its ”ZERO” version. 

CKX Elevation Zero

Design of the suit

Although the ZERO version of the suit does not offer any insulation, the different textiles used are very efficient to protect you from the extreme winter conditions that we know in Quebec. In fact, we have a judicious combination of materials and the suit responds well to the following general idea: To be effective, a suit must provide good evacuation of body moisture while providing effective protection against wind and cold. As a bonus, the suit must be waterproof and have a light fabric while remaining flexible at all times. 

Here are the highlights of this product, from a technical point of view: 

  • Wind resistance (membrane): 20 000 mm
  • Water resistance (membrane): 20 000 mm
  • Breathability (membrane): 15 000 g/m²/day
  • Tissu P8-Tex 100% Polyester DWR
  • Cordura reinforcements on knees and legs
  • Reetex reinforcements at the seat
  • Sealed seams
  • YKK Aquaguard two-way front zipper

We quickly realize that it is quite laborious to manage to combine all these characteristics listed above in a single package. That’s why for the past few years, we’ve been talking about performance and “technology” in clothing. Thanks to these latest advances, CKX has succeeded in integrating all these qualities into its CKX ELEVATION ZERO ensemble. 

CKX Elevation Zero

When you start moving around a lot and want to avoid humidity, you can count on the 4 side mesh vents with water resistant zippers. There are 2 for the upper body and 2 for the legs. 

CKX thought it would be a good idea to integrate some safety features on its suit. Thus, we find the classic ring to attach the emergency switch of the snowmobile if ever we fall from our machine. Also, there are reflective prints in different places on the suit that offer additional visibility for other drivers while providing beautiful aesthetic details.

Test under different conditions

In order to determine if a suit is effective, it is necessary to test it in different weather situations. Thus, we were able to try it in temperatures ranging from -40˚C to +12 ˚C. Going from beautiful sunny days to rainy days or big snow blizzards. At all times, we felt in exemplary comfortable. 

CKX Elevation Zero

Before giving you our comments, we wanted to ride the set over several days and especially in extreme situations. We were able to ride it on trails and especially off-trail. Moreover, we consider that this set in the ”ZERO” version is more adapted to off-trail riding since there is no insulation. The level of physical activity must be maintained to benefit from increased comfort. Nevertheless, we were able to be very comfortable on the trails with the set when combined with insulating underlays. 

One aspect that certainly stands out is the comfort. This suit provides an optimal fit and adapts well to my physiognomy. In fact, there are many adjustments located in strategic places… places that vary in size depending on the person. Note that there are adjustable and removable interior straps that prevent the suit from sagging on us. There are velcro adjustments at the wrists, legs and waist to adjust it to your body. Also, I really appreciated the stretchy back panel at the waist that allows you to follow your movements without generating tension. 

Numerous off-trail outings allowed me to validate the effectiveness of the textiles. Even when the temperature easily dropped below -25°C, the suit remained very flexible and still optimal for wicking away the moisture produced by continuous physical effort. After long days of fun in the powder, I stayed dry and returned to camp comfortably. On the other hand, on the way back to the trails, we feel a lack of insulation when it’s very cold (-20°C and lower). This is when an insulation underlay was very useful. We even tested the product with a heated jacket (ewool) and the result was really interesting. The warmth provided by the heated jacket does a great job and the CKX package keeps that precious heat in while keeping the wind out. 

Side note: If you’re ever annoyed by the look of a jumpsuit, you probably know that CKX also offers a complete line of jackets and pants for all types of snowmobilers.


The CKX ELEVATION ZERO one-piece suit really pleased me during the snowmobile season. From the first hours of wearing it, you quickly realize its many qualities and especially the performance of its textiles. Without any hesitation, the Snowmobile Passion team recommends it to you. On the other hand, take the time to analyze your needs in insulation to determine if you opt for the insulated version or not. Furthermore, it is essential to always use an efficient underlayment as well as an undergarment that will promote moisture evacuation. 

The Snowmobilw Passion team would like to thank Kimpex who made this test possible. If you want to get more information on the CKX performance clothing, we invite you to visit their website. You can also visit your nearest dealer to try them on and find your future snowmobile outfit.