Connect… Kimpex Quick Release System

Connect… Système de fixation rapide de Kimpex


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How about the ability to add cargo such as a carry bag, gas can or even a luggage rack? And all this quickly and safely? The Quebec company is attacking the market of quick release systems with its brand new concept Connect Kimpex Quick Release System! It can be installed on the 4 major snowmobile manufacturers! The Connect Kimpex quick release system is extremely easy to use and allows for the safe transport of your belongings. Currently, three accessory choices are available, and the company also offers the possibility of stacking two accessories to carry all three currently available to the consumer.

Connect Kimpex Quick Release System – Attachment…

The biggest challenge that awaited the company was certainly to be able to adapt their binding kit to the 4 snowmobile manufacturers. An Arctic Cat or Yamaha tunnel is very different from a Polaris or Ski-Doo tunnel, so we had to think of a simple way to adapt to each model and manufacturer.  That’s why when you receive your bag, tank or rack, you must attach the attachments according to the template provided in the package. Depending on your brand of snowmobile, the instructions clearly indicate where to attach the fasteners to the product. For the bag, you will have to drill the holes in the bag according to the guide, which are pre-marked, to be sure of the position. It is important to note that for Ski-Doo snowmobiles, the system uses exactly the same mounting holes as the Linq system. However, the two systems are not compatible, you will not be able to use a Kimpex Connect product with LinQ attachments and vice versa.

The fastening system is equipped with a first rigid lock that solidly fixes the accessory to the tunnel, then a rubberized band folds over the lock to secure the whole. To avoid the temptation of bad guys, the attachment is provided with a hole allowing the securing with padlocks…

Adventure Tunnel Bag…

If you are one of those who like to go away for the weekend, bring clothes, lunch and/or refreshments, the Adventure bag is perfect for your needs.  The first quality of a bag is certainly its waterproofness, and its durability. The concept of closing the interior bag in 100% waterproof nylon is done with a velcro, then, to secure the whole, we connect the two ends of the opening with a quick fastener. To finish, simply compress the bag and close with the semi-rigid EVA cover. Four fasteners hold the lid firmly in place, making it strong, secure and quick. The capacity of the bag varies from 8 to 22 liters of cargo space.

Fuel tank…

How do you go on a long, enjoyable ride with peace of mind? By having a spare fuel tank! Especially in unfamiliar territory where you don’t always know where to refuel, this accessory allows you to ride with peace of mind. Just like the tunnel bag, the tank can be installed quickly and securely with the quick-release system. In addition, you can add a second quick release system to the tank, allowing you to superimpose the storage bag or the luggage rack on top of the tank!  For our test ride, we had the gas tank with a capacity of 3.8 liters. Small and compact, it is equipped with an easy-to-use spout and a self-locking cap.

Luggage rack

Made of aluminum with an anodized finish, it can be installed on any brand of snowmobile.  With a width of 360 millimeters and length of 310 millimeters, it allows you to securely fix your merchandise. These sides are 112 mm high and offer a good lateral protection to keep your cargo in place. It is also possible to double the capacity by attaching two supports end to end, which doubles your cargo space, however you will need a second attachment kit on your tunnel. It is important to note that during assembly you can attach the side bars in several places, depending on your needs.

We rode the set throughout the winter of 2020-2021, no doubt, its durability was put to the test, the attachment system does a good job and keeps the accessories securely attached. No worries with the bumps at the end of the day, even if you are a very aggressive driver?