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This title is very evocative and represents the philosophy expressed by CKX to motivate motorized vehicle enthusiasts to enjoy the benefits of the winter season. If we have the right equipment, nothing should stop us in the snow.

We are privileged witnesses year after year of the evolution of materials and technologies used by CKX to develop clothing and equipment that meet expectations. Performance and comfort are aspects favored by the designers and once again, we are in the front row to express our satisfaction to be, once again, one of the media teams being dressed from head to toe by this renowned company. 

The CKX catalog is well stocked and offers something for every type of hiker, whether they are trail or off-road enthusiasts. We have targeted what we believe to be our favorites for the new collection for both men and women.

Men’s CKX Beyond and Women’s CKX Reach 3-in-1 Coat: 

These jackets have the primary quality of being adaptable to our preferences. Off-road enthusiasts will have the option of wearing the shell only for lighter insulation during high levels of physical exertion and trail enthusiasts will appreciate the combination of the shell and liner for superior insulation. The multi-layered functions that these jackets offer are an adaptive design with a very specific role. The outer layer offers protection and the middle layer insulates. 

First, the shell offers protection against rain, snow and wind. The seams are sealed and the zippers are also water resistant. The materials used by CKX are waterproof, but also breathable to continue the work done by subsequent layers in wicking moisture. 

This year, CKX is introducing a new material: Hilltex. This membrane that covers the outside of the garment provides water and wind resistance while offering breathability. It is a highly functional material consisting of a specific laminated membrane and types of fabrics such as polyamide or polyester. It is an ultra-modern, forward-looking material that prevents moisture from penetrating from the outside, but allows perspiration and body moisture to be vented to the outside while maintaining an appropriate body temperature.

We were able to see the waterproof qualities of these coats on several occasions during a light wet snow. Fine droplets of water remain on the outside surface to keep us dry and warm inside.

Secondly, the lining insulates from the cold and preserves our body heat. In addition to keeping our heat, it repels the cold outside. By its qualities, it allows the evacuation of moisture to the outer layer (shell). This lining made by CKX can also be used alone on some occasions because of its careful and aesthetic design. 

This year, CKX is using an insulation called Vivo for these liners. It is an insulation that has a series of small openings in the insulation. Each of these openings represents a space to hold air. They also create paths of ”least resistance”, allowing body moisture to escape quickly. During intense physical activity, moisture is easily evacuated through the openings. On the other hand, during periods of inactivity, the openings trap warm air. This is how Vivo insulation improves breathability without reducing thermal performance. 

Once again, we are more than satisfied with the benefits of CKX coats. Whether it’s polar temperatures or near freezing, they allow us to enjoy winter situations from sunrise to sunset, dry and warm. CKX offers several choices of sober, unadorned colors that will satisfy those looking for a change. They may not be the most flamboyant, but their effectiveness once again surpasses all expectations. The multiple zippers allow you to store everything you need to go on an adventure. 

One-piece combination ELEVATION and PEAK:

CKX had introduced one-piece suits to its catalog already 3 years ago. However, at that time, they were only available for men. This disappointment was short-lived, because the following year, CKX introduced one-piece suits for women as well. 

This type of suit is mainly appreciated by off-road enthusiasts because of its lighter insulation compared to the previously mentioned jackets. CKX even offers an ELEVATION ZERO version for the off-road enthusiast requiring sustained effort and minimal insulation. They can also be used in trail conditions, but will need to be added to underlays for optimal insulation. Some of our team members have tested this alternative and were greatly surprised at the efficiency, performance and comfort these one-piece suits offered them.

The men’s and women’s one-piece versions have the same performance characteristics as all other CKX garments in terms of moisture wicking and waterproofing. They take advantage of the expertise developed over the last few years by its designers and are the most effective to date for motorized activities that meet the most demanding expectations. 

Five color combinations on the men’s side and three combinations on the women’s side are available this year. It should also be noted that CKX offers helmets in both the TITAN and MISSION series that are perfectly matched to the colors of each combination. 


We all have to perform tasks that require manual dexterity that is not possible with the addition of our gloves or hiking mitts. Whether it’s securing our vehicle to our trailer or any other mechanical task, there are times when the cold weather doesn’t allow us to have bare hands. CKX’s Mechanic gloves offer this and much more. 

Their robust design offers a perfect molding like a second skin. Neoprene reinforcements at the knuckles and wrists allow for easy flexing. Velcro adjustable cuffs keep these gloves securely in place. It’s simple, they’ve become our go-to gloves for a multitude of tasks well beyond the motorized field. 

CKX 2020 Nos impressions


Leather is timeless and has been used in powersports equipment for decades. CKX designs classic weatherproof leather mittens with a HIPORA waterproof membrane that releases moisture to the outside. Despite some physical efforts, these gloves will evacuate the excess while keeping our hands warm and comfortable. 

A new standard in insulation is used for interior comfort: PRIMALOFT. With its remarkable properties of compressibility, softness and uniformity, these gloves offer amazing comfort and warmth. They have been a great help on days with Siberian cold.  

CKX 2020 Nos impressions


On February 26, 2019, during the presentation of CKX’s winter 2020 collection, one of the highlights was the introduction of a brand new helmet that is sure to revolutionize the industry. Already boasting impressive expertise in the field, CKX is once again pushing the envelope by designing an off-road helmet that will counteract an annoyance experienced by winter riders: excessive moisture. 

We have all experienced episodes where our number one enemy is humidity. This adversary can now be fought and defeated by a technology that will stop it. This new technology is called AMS (Air Management System). This translates into an integrated air management system and its operation is based on a physical principle associated with fluid mechanics whose starting point is aerodynamics: when the helmet is in motion, the outside air hits it and bypasses it, creating a depression zone at the back. It is this principle that led the designers to use this foundation to draw the humid air out. 

It is well known that the oxygen we exhale is also composed of water. When this humidity is excessive, it creates fog and can even produce frost. This inconvenience creates a loss of visibility and discomfort. Therefore, inside the helmet, where the humid air is exhaled, the pressure is higher than at the back. That’s why the designers created ducts on each side of the shell for its exhalation. The air always takes the easiest route and the difference between the inside and the back of the helmet has the effect of drawing the humid air in the AMS duct to the outside. In this way, this system helps to reduce internal fogging.

The process of developing a new headset brings its own set of challenges. The innovative new technology developed by CKX underwent several changes during the creation process before reaching its final culmination. The link between the Titan and Mission helmets is diametrically opposed. The point of origin for the new Mission helmet is right at the time of the Titan helmet’s development, which was originally planned in 2014 to be rolled out in 2 phases. Phase II was to be launched, according to the timeline, in February 2018. The goal of the project was to maximize the Titan’s performance for trail riding.

In the process, some plans changed, as a considerable number of modifications were to be made to the existing Titan shell. It was then that the original plan for a Phase II Titan became the birth of the Mission. The engineering team was able to rely on the 20-year expertise of helmet designer Stéphane Dion. He is able to put into images everything the team can conceptualize. Inspired by fighter pilot helmets, the visor was reworked to create the illusion of glasses. The bottom of the visor would allow for the addition of vents and the integration of an ergonomic breath deflector. Despite the possibility of redoing everything, it was important for them to keep a link between the Titan and the Mission. 

All this long process and hard work has also resulted in several patent applications. Aside from a patent application for the AMS system, the design of a ratchet mechanism that allows the paddle and visor to be removed with the push of a button, as well as the adjustable and removable breath deflector are pending. It’s a testament to all the work that went into making a helmet that’s off the beaten path. 

Available in both fiberglass and carbon fiber materials, the CKX AMS Mission helmet reaches its full potential when used in optimal trail conditions. A depression zone is created when we reach a certain speed, thus creating a vacuum. This vacuum draws in humid air through the side channels eliminating the risk of fogging inside the visor. 

The CKX AMS MISSION helmet offers a similarity to the CKX TITAN helmet. It allows us to enjoy a snack or chat easily by the shape of its muzzle. Indeed, the visor offers a large front opening to proceed to several tasks without having to remove the helmet from our head. 

The visor with 2 positions, or retractable if needed, is a nice innovation. It allows us to adapt this helmet to our preferences or to the presence of the sun during the day. 

Some of our team members wear corrective eyewear and they were able to see the effectiveness of the AMS system. They appreciated the absence of fogging and the detail inside the helmet allowing the addition of glasses without pressure points from the temples.


So far, we have been impressed with its qualities even though the price may seem high. Quality is priceless and the AMS Mission headset is a good example.

In conclusion, this is just a sampling of some of the items in the CKX catalog that are worthy of mention. The truth is, we are always amazed year after year at the limits that are pushed in terms of innovative technology by these designers. Our winters need to be tamed and CKX is a great help in achieving this “Mission”.