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For many reasons, we have a special affection for our vehicles for walking and leisure. Their purchase cost sometimes requires many sacrifices and many of us take jealous care of them. They also offer us many lasting memories and we owe them a debt of gratitude. 

A large majority of us customize our vehicles with a multitude of accessories, both aesthetic and practical. However, we should not skimp on the extras that will accentuate the safety aspect. Sometimes, these additions may not have an impact to impress the gallery, but will arouse envy, afterwards, when demonstrating their usefulness and benefit. Among these, the BLACK KNIGHT GPS tracker is definitely a must-have.

What is a GPS Tracker?

A GPS tracking unit is a navigation and geolocation device connected to a moving vehicle that uses the Global Positioning System (GPS) to track the device’s movements and determine its location. The recorded location data can be stored in the tracking unit. This allows the position to be displayed on a background map, either in real time or during subsequent analysis of the track, using a cellular device. 

Do I need this type of device?

As mentioned in the preamble, a large majority of us pay specific attention to the goods we own. In this state of mind, it is impossible for us to have a constant eye on them. However, it is possible for us to be in constant contact with their position and condition. In the case of an untimely displacement, this device also offers the possibility of providing the necessary information in case of theft. In this case, it is enough to transmit the information to the police authorities to facilitate their task and to put the hand to the collars of ill-intentioned people. The chances of recovery are greatly increased by this profitable investment. On the other hand, it allows you to verify your location and notify the responsible persons when a search is carried out if a member of your entourage has ventured into an area and is reported missing. Recovery time will be greatly improved with this device.

Why choose BLACK KNIGHT?

BLACK KNIGHT is a world leader in GPS tracking device technology. They design miniature, discreet devices that can be hidden almost anywhere. They allow you to track your vehicle in real time, view readings, set anti-theft alerts and much more. It is a professional security solution that allows us to have the geolocation of our investment at all times. 

With this device, we can enjoy peace of mind, as it offers unparalleled accuracy, real-time tracking, 12-month reading history, security alarm (virtual barrier, power disconnection), police assistance (quick recovery from theft), flexible data management, etc.

BLACK KNIGHT GPS tracking units can be connected in two ways depending on the model. Some take their source directly from the battery and some via the OBD-II port. There is no fear of running out of battery power if we don’t use our vehicle for a while, because BLACK KNIGHT was developed to run on low power. Moreover, this device sends a notification if, unfortunately, the battery loses its full efficiency.

BLACK KNIGHT uses GPS to track our vehicle’s location and the 3G cellular network to transfer the data to their servers, and subsequently to our monitoring device (phone, tablet or computer).

This device offers the possibility to send a notification when our vehicle leaves a specified perimeter by activating a Geofence violation alert. If we allow anyone to drive our vehicle, but only in a predetermined area and these guidelines are not respected, it is possible to receive an alert warning us of this deviation. To define this geographical fence, all you have to do is change the settings and drag the circle to the restricted area and adjust the size by clicking on the edges and dragging them. When finished, just save everything and enjoy this monitoring advantage.

BLACK KNIGHT tracking devices can also warn when our vehicle exceeds a predefined speed. All you have to do is to choose, in the parameters, a speed between 40 and 130 km/h and it’s done. 

These are just a few of the advantages that allow us to have an overview of our vehicles and to be sure to be in continuous contact with them. 

Model Z-11

We decided on the BLACK KNIGHT Z-11 device. At first glance, the first thing we noticed is its very manageable size. Barely larger than a lighter, it can be hidden away in a discreet place out of sight. 

Here are the easy steps before taking full advantage of its features:

1- You must connect the BLACK KNIGHT device to a DC power source. (Preferably 12V), 

2- The lights flash during the connection, then stay on once the connection is established. After 5 minutes of connection, the lights go out.

3- BLACK KNIGHT recommends to make the first connection in an area where the cellular signal is strong and the view is clear to the sky. 

4- Once the connection has been established, simply store the device in a safe place out of sight.  

5- We proceeded to register our device by visiting This step is important because our unit will be linked to our data and our profile. Afterwards, we downloaded the Black KNIGHT application on our cell phone to have the possibility to track and consult the perceived data.

Now it’s time to enjoy its benefits…

There is no doubt that the BLACK KNIGHT tracking device has greatly changed our habits since we started using it. We have greater peace of mind in knowing that we are in contact with our vehicles and that they are available. GPS trackers are being used more and more these days and it is definitely an investment you should not overlook in the near future.

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