2024 LYNX RAVE RE – Test



Table des matières

LYNX snowmobiles have been part of the Quebec landscape for a few seasons now. Sharing many similarities with their Ski Doo cousins, they nevertheless have their own DNA. Designed to face the conditions of northern European countries, they love to play in abundant snow. This is the main reason why the LYNX components are heavy-duty. We take a closer look at the brand new 2024 model: LYNX RAVE RE with 850 E-TEC engine.

What’s new for 2024?

2024 marks the introduction of the new Radien2 platform (equivalent to Ski-Doo’s REV Gen5) on the trail models. This new generation features a completely new look. Completely redesigned fairing panels and a distinctive LED light signature that we love. Not only that, but the ergonomics have been redesigned to provide an intuitive driving experience. This functional design targets active driving and allows for easy movement in the seat for aggressive cornering.



To power this trail beast, BRP slipped the 850 E-TEC engine under the hood. A mechanic that needs no introduction, it still performs as well… as well as it did when it was released in 2017. The performance is there! This engine stands out for its smoothness, consistent revving and instant response. With 165 horsepower available for intense acceleration and strong acceleration. With every twist of the throttle, a smile appears on our lips.



The suspension is very solid. Up front, the LFS+ geometry gives you a solid grip on turns. Especially since the Blade XC+ skis with deep center keel provide exemplary traction. In the back, an uncoupled PPS3 suspension works wonders through the bumps. We certainly shouldn’t forget to mention the insane shocks that come with the LYNX RAVE RE 2024. They are the KYB PRO 46 HLCR with Kashima coating. You read that right, 46 mm diameter piston rod. It’s literally designed to take on the worst trail conditions you can find.

Driving Impressions

When you sit on the LYNX RAVE RE 2024, you immediately notice the impeccable finish of the manufacturer. Everything is perfectly arranged and thought out. The huge 10.25-inch screen welcomes us on board and displays all the necessary information. As a bonus, there are several features linked to our smartphone via the BRP GO application.


Then, we find our driving position which is innate considering the well studied ergonomics. We start the engine and we start devouring the trails. With the high-end suspension and shocks, bumps are a breeze. In fact, you look for them to try to push the machine to its limits and they are hard to reach! The LYNX snowmobiles are designed to face snow conditions. This is the type of ”trail” found in Northern Europe (Finland, Norway for example).

In fact, they are not groomed federated trails like we have in Quebec. It is more like backcountry all day long that the LYNX have to face. It is easy to understand the use of KYB PRO 46 shocks with Kashima coating. As well as an uncoupled and stronger rear suspension and aggressive skis more adapted to untangled snow. The RAVE RE is a great choice for those who want to take on a new challenge and who want to be able to do it with a little more precision. That’s what the RAVE RE is all about!

Another new feature for 2024 is an all-new four-piston caliper braking system. Courtesy of Brembo, the system works like a charm and has amazing stopping power. The calibration is simply perfect. In addition, the brake lever is now adjustable to provide a more ergonomic grip. Now it’s super easy to control the braking with one finger thanks to the short lever. This is the kind of “small” detail that makes a huge difference to the overall riding experience.



  • The new generation platform (Radien2) refines the handling and allows for great improvements.
  • Power and performance of the 850 E-TEC engine are still breathtaking.
  • Suspension with KYB PRO 46 shocks with Kashima coating. It’s solid enough to conquer the toughest bumps.

Points for improvement

  • Not as grounded as an MXZ/Renegade since the rear suspension is not coupled, but the skis make up for it.
  • Retail price keeps climbing… well over $20,000.
  • Low availability of the optional 10.25″ touchscreen.


The introduction of the new Radien2 platform pushes the limits of the fun factor on the LYNX RAVE RE 2024. With quality components and high performance, it is perfect for the aggressive rider.

If you would like more information on the LYNX 2024 models, visit the LYNX website or your nearest dealer.